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Who is Digital Edge?

Headquartered in Singapore, Digital Edge is a trusted and forward-looking data center platform company, established to transform digital infrastructure in Asia. Through building and operating state-of-the-art, energy efficient data centers rich with connectivity options, Digital Edge aims to bring new colocation and interconnect options to the Asian market, making infrastructure deployment in the region easy, efficient and economical.

Digital Edge was founded by a seasoned senior management team with decades of industry experience and an established track record of value creation in the data center, cloud and telecommunications industries in the Asia Pacific region. Backed by leading alternative investment firm Stonepeak, Digital Edge has in excess of US$1 billion in deployed and committed capital, establishing itself as a market leading pan-Asia data center platform. The company provides data center and fiber services across Asia, with a presence in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.

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Why is my customer contract and billing method changing?

Digital Edge (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd acquired Sejong Telecom’s data center assets in 2021, namely the Yeoksam IDC (SEL1) and the Cable Landing Station in Busan (PUS1). Following an interim transition period, from 1 October 2022 all operational aspects of these data centers and associated services will now be managed by Digital Edge. 

When will the transition take place?

The transition of all data center services to Digital Edge will be effective from 1 October 2022.

Will my existing contract with Sejong Telecom be terminated?

Your existing contract with Sejong Telecom will remain valid until a new contract is signed with Digital Edge. As Digital Edge will now directly provide, operate, and maintain your IDC services after the termination of the “Transitional Service Agreement,” the relevant part of your contract (billing/payment) will be changed accordingly.

Will all of my services contracted with Sejong Telecom be transferred to Digital Edge?

All operational aspects of and services associated with the Yeoskam (SEL1) and Busan (PUS1) data centers will be transferred to Digital Edge (e.g. white space, local lines, Internet lines connected to other Digital Edge data centers). Rest assured you can continue to expect the highest standards of operational efficiency, resiliency, security and sustainability in your colocation and interconnect services.

Other services not related to these data centers will remain with Sejong Telecom (e.g. international/domestic circuit, additional telephone services and messaging services).

When will Digital Edge start issuing invoices?

Unless otherwise agreed, Digital Edge will start issuing invoices from October 2022.

What payment methods are available?

Digital Edge currently only accepts payment by bank transfer. We will update you in due course if and when other payment methods become available.

Will my service charges change?

Your service charges for the existing contract period will remain the same. However, there may be changes at renewal (after your existing contract period ends). As specified in the IDC service application you previously signed with Sejong Telecom, your charges may increase if KEPCO raises the electricity rates. 

Do customers who have agreed to the “Agreement on Transfer of Contract and Collection of Fees via the Agency” sent by Sejong Telecom last year also need to sign a separate contract with Digital Edge?

Yes. The “Agreement on Transfer of Contract and Collection of Fees via the Agency” means that you have given your consent for Sejong Telecom to provide the collection of fees on our behalf. As Digital Edge is now taking ownership of this process, a new contract is required. We do not expect to require customers to provide additional consent once this transfer process is completed.  

How do I get in touch?

Your local point of contact for requesting services will change. You can now access the Digital Edge team and make requests via one of the two options below:

  • Our Infrastructure Operations Center (IOC), your single point of contact for all customer queries –; or

  • Our Customer Portal – our one stop shop that enables you to manage your data center services the way you want to, from wherever you are.

If you have any questions relating to the transfer of your data center services to Digital Edge, please contact our sales team at

What is the Customer Portal?

Our Customer Portal is a one stop shop that enables you to manage your data center services the way you want to, from wherever you are. You can use the Customer Portal to manage your accounts, request remote hands support, review your invoices, track shipping requests and much more. Our team will share further information about how to access and use our Customer Portal in due course.